Biden’s SOTU blasted as ‘nakedly partisan’ campaign speech: ‘Utter disgrace’

President Biden’s State of the Union speech was trashed by prominent political pundits for its political nature, with some likening it to more of a campaign speech than an overview of the state of the country.

‘Attacking his opponent directly in the first minutes of his speech is unprecedented and perhaps the most partisan start to a State of the Union address in modern memory,’ AEI Senior Fellow and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush Marc Thiessen wrote on X during Biden’s Thursday night speech.

Biden criticized former President Donald Trump several times during his speech.

‘This man should never be allowed to take the rostrum of the House and deliver a State of the Union address again,’ Thiessen posted on X moments later.

‘As someone who helped write several SOTUs and who reveres this important presidential institution, I’m stunned by this address,’ Thiessen said in another post. ‘It’s an utter disgrace.’

‘Does anyone remember a State of the Union speech so nakedly partisan as this one?’ Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett posted on X.

‘In which the President repeatedly attacks his predecessor and prospective rival? I can’t.’

‘This speech is nothing but a cheap and tawdry campaign speech,’ conservative radio host and author Mark Levin posted on X.

‘Biden is just off,’ former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer posted on X. ‘His tone, his speed of delivery, his loud punchy way of speaking, is really weird.’

‘This speech is odd.’

‘Instead of giving the State of the Union, President Biden is giving a campaign speech,’ Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., posted on X.

‘Biden lasted on foreign policy only briefly,’ Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Brit Hume posted on X. ‘Since then to this moment, all campaign stuff, read at high volume. For a man speaking of a great comeback, he doesn’t seem very happy. He seems angry.’

‘After yelling through a speech full of hate, anger, revenge, and retribution, Joe Biden unironically ends his speech with: ‘Hate, anger, revenge, retribution are the oldest of ideas, but you can’t lead America with ancient ideas,’ Nathan Brand, adviser to GOP Sen. Tim Scott, posted on X.

‘All I hear when they say that is, ‘the President hit a grand slam and rendered us incapable of mewing about his birthday again,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital. 

‘We keep a specific t-shirt on-hand for these moments,’ Bates added, along with a photo of a t-shirt that said, ‘Uncle Sam doesn’t care, snowflakes.’

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