McConnell in talks to endorse Trump in 2024 presidential race: report

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell could endorse former President Donald Trump in the 2024 race as one of his last major actions before leaving leadership.

McConnell’s office and Trump’s presidential campaign have been in talks over a possible endorsement, as well as a strategy to unite Republicans just eight months away from the November election, according to The Associated Press, citing a person familiar with the situation.

McConnell is currently the highest-ranking Republican in Congress who has yet to back the former president’s bid to return to the White House.

Any potential endorsement comes as Trump is competing with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to win the Republican nomination, and as both candidates compete for a whopping 854 delegates at stake on Super Tuesday, March 5.

Fox News Digital reached out to both the Trump campaign and McConnell’s Senate office but did not immediately receive a response.

McConnell, who turned 82 last month, announced on Wednesday that he would step down as Republican leader and would pursue ‘life’s next chapter.’

‘One of life’s most underappreciated talents is to know when it’s time to move on to life’s next chapter,’ he said on the Senate floor. ‘So I stand before you today… to say that this will be my last term as Republican leader of the Senate.’

‘I still have enough gas in the tank to thoroughly disappoint my critics, and I intend to do so with all the enthusiasm which they have become accustomed,’ McConnell added.

The decision is likely to set up a leadership election for the GOP conference that could determine the future of the Republican Party in the Senate – and how it could deal with Trump should he defeat President Biden in their November rematch.

McConnell’s potential endorsement comes after he vehemently criticized Trump and called him ‘morally responsible’ for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol.

Following the riot, key Republicans, including McConnell, strongly suggested the party was done with the former president.

In a scathing speech, McConnell said Trump incited the insurrection at the Capitol and blamed him for the ‘entire manufactured atmosphere of looming catastrophe’ and ‘wild myths’ about the election. The Senate leader ultimately did not vote to convict Trump on impeachment charges.

Despite their differences, endorsements matter to Trump and the two unifying with their bumpy past could help Republicans unite up-and-down the ballot in a must-win election.

McConnell, the longest-serving Senate leader, will formally leave the Senate when his term ends in January 2027.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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