Pompeo doesn’t rule out serving in second Trump admin; doesn’t comment on jobs ‘I’ve not been offered’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has not ruled out a chance to serve under former President Donald Trump for a second time should he become the Republican presidential nominee and come out victorious in November.

Pompeo served as Trump’s director of the CIA and secretary of state during his first term. 

On Friday, he was asked about serving under Trump for a second time during a Friday appearance on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto.’

‘I don’t often comment on jobs I’ve not been offered,’ he said. ‘If I get a chance to serve and think that I can make a difference, I’m almost I’m almost certainly going to say yes to that opportunity to try and deliver on behalf of the American people,’ he told Cavuto. 

Cavuto noted that Trump in the past has demanded strict loyalty from those working under him. 

‘I’m confident President Trump will be looking for people who will faithfully execute what it is he asked them to do,’ Pompeo replied. ‘I think as a president, you should always want that from everyone.’

‘I must say, as secretary of state, I certainly wanted my team to do what I was asking them to do, and was enormously frustrated when I found that I couldn’t get them to do that,’ he added.

Some of Trump’s most ardent supporters when he came into office have turned against him in recent years. Former Vice President Mike Pence drew Trump’s ire when he refused to abide by Trump’s wishes that he reject the certification of some electoral votes during a joint session of Congress held on Jan. 6, 2021.

Last year, he briefly mounted an unsuccessful campaign against Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination. 

Former national security adviser John Bolton called Trump ‘unfit’ to be president in a new memoir. In a January interview with ABC News’ ‘Good Morning America,’ he described what he thinks a second Trump term would look like.

‘I think if you look at what Trump did in his first term — which I try and describe in the original book — you can extrapolate from that what a second term will be like, and basically it will be the same except worse,’ Bolton told George Stephanopoulos.

Trump has not made any mention of potential running mates or cabinet nominations for his second White House bid. 

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