Trump super PAC touts massive May fundraising, plans major ad blitz in battlegrounds

Make America Great Again Inc., a leading super PAC supporting former President Trump’s 2024 White House campaign, says it raked in nearly $70 million in fundraising in May.

In a memo to its donors, MAGA Inc. pledged to spend $100 million on a major ad blitz this summer in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the key battleground states that will likely decide Trump’s election rematch with President Biden.

The announcement from MAGA Inc. comes two days after the Trump campaign said that they and the Republican National Committee, fueled in part by the former president’s guilty verdicts in his criminal trial, hauled in a stunning $141 million in fundraising in May.

Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts in the first trial of a former or current president in the nation’s history.

The former president’s campaign highlighted that in the first 24 hours following Thursday evening’s verdict, they and the RNC brought in nearly $53 million in fundraising, which counted toward May’s total. 

MAGA Inc. did not provide a breakdown of how much of their May haul was collected after Trump’s verdict, but by comparison, their May fundraising is dramatically up from the $12.7 million they raised in April.

Trump has been aiming to close his fundraising gap with Biden. In April, his campaign and the RNC for the first time out-raised the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee. 

The former president continues to hold the edge over Biden in public opinion polling in the six key battlegrounds where Trump was narrowly defeated four years ago.

In his memo, former Trump aide and MAGA Inc. CEO Taylor Budowich argued that the former president’s guilty verdicts have not changed the trajectory of the White House showdown.

‘Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted a conviction, and they got it, for now. However, the fundamental political realities driving voter motivation remain unchanged,’ Budowich wrote. 

The memo spotlights the super PAC’s strategy to help Trump capture the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. 

Budowich said the Biden campaign needs ‘to both solidify the Blue Wall states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, while keeping President Trump defensive in the Sun Belt states of Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada. That only happens if they can keep their coalition together.’

Additionally, he argued that ‘Biden and the Democrats’ cash advantage is baked—they have spent more than $135 million to-date on television with almost no movement to show for it.’

The memo notes that since March, the Biden campaign has outspent MAGA Inc., which currently is the only pro-Trump super PAC running ads on TV, by a three to one margin. However, the spending is nearly equal between the Biden campaign and MAGA Inc. in Pennsylvania, which Budowich describes as the ‘ballgame’ in deciding the presidential election outcome.

He also pointed to Georgia, calling it ‘the best gateway to the White House for President Trump — delivering the targeted 270 electoral votes.’

While MAGA Inc. has been the top super PAC supporting Trump this cycle and has the former president’s blessing, it has competition.

The Right for America super PAC is being steered by Trump ally Sergio Gor. 

Additionally, last week, Fox News confirmed that GOP megadonor and casino-owning billionaire Miriam Adelson plans to bankroll another pro-Trump super PAC, Preserve America.

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