WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre rants against Biden impeachment inquiry, snaps at reporter in testy moment

The exchange occurred during the daily White House press briefing after Jean-Pierre was asked how confident she was that there would be no evidence incriminating Biden in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings, his alleged involvement in which has been the centerpiece of House Republicans’ investigation into the family’s finances.

‘Any specifics to the inquiry, certainly — I want to say this at the top … I’m going to refer you to my colleagues at the counsel’s office,’ Jean-Pierre responded, something she noted throughout the briefing when asked questions related to the inquiry.

She attempted to deflect, referencing Biden’s upcoming speech on ‘Bidenomics’ and arguing it was part of the ‘real issues’ the American people truly wanted to hear about, rather than Republicans’ investigations.

‘They have spent all year investigating the president. That’s what they’ve spent all year doing and have turned up with no evidence, none, that he did anything wrong. I mean, that is what we’ve heard over and over again from their almost year-long investigation. And that’s because the president didn’t do anything wrong,’ she said.

New York Post reporter Steve Nelson attempted to push back against Jean-Pierre’s claim, prompting her to snap at him.

‘Even House Republicans have said the evidence does not exist. House Republicans have said that to my friend in the back who just yelled at, which is incredibly inappropriate,’ she said, appearing frustrated. 

‘But House Republicans have said that there doesn’t — there doesn’t — it doesn’t exist. Their own investigations have actually debunked their ridiculous attacks. And the only reason Speaker [Kevin] McCarthy is doing this — is doing this political stunt — and we have seen it, you all have reported, is because Marjorie Taylor Greene has said — she threatened to shut down the government,’ she said. 

Jean-Pierre went on, listing the Republicans she said were threatening House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s speakership, and calling the impeachment inquiry ‘baseless.’

McCarthy announced the formal impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, stating at a press conference that House Republicans had ‘uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct.’

He listed allegations of ‘abuse of power, obstruction and corruption’ made against Biden by several GOP-led committees who have been investigating the president and his family’s foreign business dealings.

Fox News’ Chris Pandolfo and Elizabeth Elkind contributed to this report.

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